Mlitary service after change of Nationality

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Mlitary service after change of Nationality

Beitrag von rattlerSZ » 24.06.2021, 17:42

I am 33 years old and just became a Austrian National. Very happy to be one although my German is still not the best. :)
Currently I am working in Liechtenstein and living in Austria. My wife doesn't work (her degree in not recognized in Austria) and she is currently studying (online MBA) which I am paying for.

I am the sole earner of the family while having some issues (old mother) back in my home country, whom i take responsibility for.
I am expecting to be called for the military service in Austria, and I am not sure if my employer in Liechtenstein will like this situation and they are not obliged to let me go for 6 months (i guess). Can someone help me to clarify if under such circumstances I can apply to postpone the Military service?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Military service after change the nationality

Beitrag von alles2 » 24.06.2021, 20:19

If you understand German better than you can talk, read this:

Otherwiese use a translator like DeepL:

The short version:
If you already did the military service in another country or if you live abroad (not in Austria), you shouldn't be invited. Otherwise you can apply an exclusion or postponement by this form because of § 26 Abs.1 Z 2 Wehrgesetz (WG):

You can find more about that in § 25 and 26 WG.
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